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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Greensboro Removing Free Recycling Drop-off Locations

The City of Greensboro is getting rid of 20 free drop-off locations, because people keep bringing things that can't be recycled.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Taking your extra boxes and overflow recycling to a free drop-off location is now a thing of the past. 

As of July 1st, recycling rules in Greensboro changed across the board. Citizens can no longer put glass, cartons, large plastic items, pots and shredded paper in their own recycling bins.

Another big change: citizens no longer have the option of taking excess recycling to the 20 free, 24-hour recycling drop-off locations because...they're closed.

Tori Carle, the City's Waste Reduction Supervisor, says they've closed these free locations due to the increased cost of recycling, and because of ongoing contamination issues, and illegal dumping. 

Illegal dumping of Trash items at a recycling overflow station.

In other words, people have been abusing these free drop-offs for years: hauling all kinds of trash to the locations - stuff that cannot be recycled - and just leaving it there. Carle says when the happens, the City has to clean up the mess. 

However, the City still has four drop-off locations to recycle glass:

  • Fire Station 19, 6900 Downwind Rd.
  • Kathleen Clay Edwards Library, 1420 Price Park Dr.
  • McGirt-Horton Library, 2501 Phillips Ave.
  • Medford Service Center, 401 Patton Ave. 

People who need to get rid of extra garbage can bring it to the Transfer Station at 6310 Burnt Poplar Road, where trash can be dropped off for a fee.

You can also call the City at (336) 373-2489 to purchase a second recycling cart for your home. It costs $50.

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