GREENSBORO, N.C. — Four years ago in March, a wicked ice storm hit the Triad and many people aren't quick to forget. 

Brendan Hoskins said he remembers that storm. He was in Browns Summit in 2014 when the ice storm hit and knocked down a lot of trees. He said he lost power for about five days. 

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That's when he had to rely on his church for help.

"Our church had power so we was able to get heat there, use the water, iron clothes for the next day so we just kinda toughed it out," Hoskins said. 

Tasia Hoskins lived in Greensboro at the time. She said she has one word to explain that ice storm: "horrible."

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"I just remember us having no lights, no heat and it was so cold in the house," Tasia said.

A lot of ice-coated trees came down during that storm. These 2014 memories are flooding back because we're expecting ice this weekend.

Tree services around the Triad are preparing. 

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"Trees in general and the ice is not good for the simple reason of it's already cold, and when it's cold trees are brittle," Joe Willis with Golden Glove Tree Service said. 

David Lackey, also of Golden Glove Tree Service, said ice can be quite dangerous when it comes to trees toppling over. 

"Ice is unpredictable, when it forms in trees especially the tall trees, they have a habit of getting too much weight at the top and when the wind blows it makes them pop," Lackey said. "A lot of them, they really don’t have to break at the top, they’ll pop out of the ground like mushrooms."

Lackey said trees and ice are recipe for disaster.

"Ice is the worst thing for a tree, it causes it to have too much weight at the top and it breaks."

Robert Little said you can take steps to prepare.

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"Homeowners need to get outside of their houses and make sure limbs aren’t outside their houses, and start cleaning them up before the ice hits."

We also spoke with Highway Patrol Trooper Brandon Baker. He sent this statement in regards to ice this weekend: 

"Any type of winter weather brings the potential for increased amounts of crashes. While we caution folks to reduce their speed, increase their following distance’s, etc., we remind drivers to be on guard for trees that could fall while driving."

Stay safe out there this weekend folks!