GREENSBORO, N.C. -- One of the hottest shows on CBS right now is Bull. It's a drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the founder of one of the most prolific trial consulting firms of all time.

Tuesday’s episode was a special one for a 2015 graduate of UNC-Greensboro. Tyler Barnhardt was a guest star on the show, playing a member of a fraternity.

The Charlotte native said the entire process was a great experience. "It was so much fun,” said Barnhardt. “At the time, I was still living in North Carolina and I went up to New York for 2 weeks to shoot this episode. You're working with professional actors who are obviously from the west coast and New York and you're working with local hires who maybe have smaller roles."

During a Facetime interview with Barnhardt before Tuesday's episode aired, he talked about what he’d be feeling during the show.

"It's extremely nerve-wracking,” admitted Barnhardt. “I know my family in Charlotte is watching it, my grandparents are super stoked about it so it's really cute to see all that.”

Before the show, Barnhardt said he planned to watch the episode at his New York City apartment with his roommate.

He credited much of his recent success to UNC-Greensboro and the faculty there that helped him in his training and career focus.

Expect to see Barnhardt on WFMY News 2 again next week, but not on Bull. He's also appearing on an episode of Scorpion that airs Monday at 10pm.