ASHEBORO, N.C. — It was a scary morning commute for Graham Helsabeck.

His father Eric Helsabeck tells WFMY News 2 that Graham was on his way to work on 1-73/74 N when he saw a dryer coming toward his car. 

"The clothes dryer fell off the back of his pickup truck right in front of him and he tried to avoid the crash but collided with the rear end of the pickup truck," Helsabeck explained.

State Highway Patrol says a dryer on the back of Alexis Cortez's Toyota pickup wasn't secured at all. It went flying off the bed of the truck on the highway, toward Graham's car.

"The airbags deployed and the front end kind of absorbed the crash."

Despite the look of the damaged cars, no one was injured. 

"I'm just glad he is OK," he stated. "It was a dangerous situation."

Unsecured Dryer Causes Crash
Eric Helsabeck
Unsecured Dryer
Eric Helsabeck

Cortez was charged with a load securement violation.

Helsabeck says this should be an important reminder to all drivers: secure your bulk items. 

"Take it seriously!" he stressed. "Make sure the load is secured and attached and not subject to coming loose."

Troopers say you have to secure heavy loads in at least two points, and four individual points if it's more than 10,000 pounds.

Again, the dryer, in this case, wasn't secured at all.

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