GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Bullying is everywhere.

In the hallways. In the locker room. And now - on the web.

WFMY News 2 recently brought you the story of an epileptic, 11-year-old girl who was beaten and bullied at a Burlington middle school.

Smith High in Greensboro has a bullying prevention group called 'Every1.' They had an interesting mix of participants last year: those who have experienced bullying, and those who used to be bullies.

"Last year something that was unique about our club was that we found we had several former bullies in the Every1 anti-bullying club," 12th grade Counselor Cierra Murphy said.

Arianna Wright was a part of the Every1 club last year. She graduated and now goes to East Carolina University.

"It was never physical contact, it was rumors being spread and gossip," Wright said. "You know people in high school you have conflicts so it's raging hormones and difference in opinions."

So why did she join the Every1 group? What changed?

"When I first joined everybody was joining just to say we were in it - but once we actually started participating we realized we could make a difference and the club could be something very special," Wright said.

Counselor Murphy says the Every1 group is life changing for some.

"Something we learned is what they were going through in life which was causing them to act out this way just helping them understand how they’re affecting other people," Murphy said. "Even now a lot of them have graduated Smith High and are at different colleges and are student leaders and utilizing what we taught them."

Smith High School has an anti-bullying initiative next week for the entire school to join in on.

"Smith Every1 club is hosting unity day which is next Wednesday October 24th. We're asking all students and staff to wear orange to highlight bullying prevention," Murphy said.

"We’ve also had teachers put pledges on their door asking each one of their classes to sign the pledge saying they would like to stand up to bullying."

There is a new anti-bullying initiative this year at Smith High School as well.

"We've used a couple different initiatives, we've had some of our senior club members go to the 9th grade classes and talk with them about 'Say Something' which is a new initiative through Sandy Hook Promise."

Marian Martinez Espino is a junior at Smith High, and member of the Every1 club.

"I’ve been bullied before and I think I can help other people who are being bullied, or that are in the process of bullying someone, I could give them advice," Espino said.