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Urban Loop: When will the map apps catch up?

24 hours after the loop opens, Google still doesn't show it is done and other apps don't include 840 in the mapping options.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We know the Urban Loop is open, I mean, we’ve driven it ourselves, and yet…

Our mapping apps aren't really sure about it. When it comes to Google maps, the Urban Loop doesn't show up as connected yet. Waze and Apple both show the loop is connected, but when 2 Wants To Know mapped directions, only Waze gave the Urban Loop as an option, Apple did not.

So, when do all the maps change?

“Our main GIS mapping providers are Google and Waze. It's as easy as the road is open, once we put the call in, they click the button and the change is made,” said Aaron Moody, NC DOT.

The NC DOT has been talking to Google and Waze this whole time. It seems like we're all just waiting for the "button" to be pushed. In the meantime, what can you do?

Google maps has a way for you to report a missing road and draw it. 2WTK tried to do it. There is an option to ‘Add or Fix a road’ and it allows you to draw a missing road. The app drops you into the map. Then you find your way to the area you're looking for.  It tells you to go to where you want to draw the road, but it’s tricky.

2 Wants To Know put in calls and emails to the various mapping companies. Just like you, we just want the map to be updated, and get us where we want to go.

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