GREENSBORO, NC -- Police in Greensboro say vehicle thefts are on the rise this year.

So far in 2017, detectives say 412 vehicles have been stolen in Greensboro.

On average, police say 12 vehicles are stolen each week which is a 10 percent higher rate than last year.

Police say these crimes are happening all over the city including residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and gas stations.

Some drivers say they aren’t taking any chances.

“I will roll up the windows, I will lock the car,” said Taylor Robinson. “I will double check even for the half a second where I think I didn't lock it, I will double check it.”

“I make sure that I go ahead and lock my car and be very alert,” said Tina Brown. “Sometimes I even look under my car.”

But police say far too many drivers aren’t as careful and there are consequences.

Sgt. W.A. Krawczynski with the Greensboro Police Department says most of these cases are crimes of opportunity.

“Often times, even though we don't intend for it to happen, as people we kind of allow ourselves to be victimized by the choices that we make,” said Krawczynski.

Thieves target public places like gas stations and shopping centers and wait for drivers to leave their cars unlocked.

Krawczynski says even leaving your car unlocked for one minute makes you an easy target for thieves.

“It only takes about 5 to 10 seconds to see that your car is running and for them to get in and go,” said Krawczynski.

The vehicle that gets stolen the most in Greensboro are actually mopeds!

Police say that's because they are light weight, easy to load onto a truck or trailer, or easy to hop on and ride away.