It's a warning for parents that is going around claiming your children could get staph infections from playing in a bouncy house. The viral story and photos show a child's arms covered in bumps and sores.

For parents with younger kids, this is alarming, which is why First Coast News wanted to verify the claim.

We reached out to Wolfson's Children's Hospital and spoke with Dr. Mobeen Rathore, the Chief of the Pediatric Infectious Disease and Immunology Department. When asked about the story, Rathore said "it is possible."


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"Children can get staph infections from many surfaces that have staph on them, including from a bounce house just as from wrestling mats, sharing equipment as was seen in football teams, Rathore said.

However, Rathore explained that "everyone's skin has a lot of staph and strep bugs on it and most people do just fine." If you have a cut or abrasion and come into contact with the staph infection, it is easier to get an infection, he explained.

VERIFIED: It is possible to get a staph infection from a bouncy house.

Rathore wants to reassure parents, however, that "thousands of children use bouncy houses and don't get an infection."

To prevent the spread of staph infections:

  • Any time your child uses public equipment, have them bathe afterward.
  • If they have a cut or abrasion, make sure they clean it well.
  • If they get an infection, contact a pediatrician.