GREENSBORO, N.C.--Thanksgiving is one of those days when over-eating is totally acceptable.

And as you eat, you might get that overwhelming stuffed feeling. That's when you think about loosening your belt.

But could stretchy pants fix the struggle for you?

Stove Top recently unveiled a limited edition pair of pants with a special "stuffin-stretch" waist band, saying they'll maximize your eating potential.

That got some of as at WFMY News 2 wondering if stretchy pants let you eat more.

We spoke with Katie Jordanhazy a Registered Dietician at Novant Heatlh to get an answer.

"Our stomachs can stretch and it doesn't really matter what clothes you are wearing. The stretch pants might make it more comfortable to overeat," Jordanhazy said.

The more you eat, the more your stomach expands.

Jordanhazy says our stomachs can handle about 4 cups worth of food with or without stretchy pants.

So the answer to our verify question is no. Stretchy pants don't allow you to eat more, but they do help the slow down the pain in your stomach that comes with over-eating because there is less pressure on the stomach.

Here are some ways to avoid over-eating.

  1. Don't skip breakfast---that way you aren't starving by the time dinner comes.
  2. Use small plates--- it tricks your mind into thinking you ate more since most of feel the need to empty our plates.
  3. Slow down when eating---because it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you're full.


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