Is the Roanoke Fire and EMS department warning that a serial killer by the alias 'Dreamweaver Grey' is sending friend requests on Facebook and you shouldn't accept?


No, this is a hoax.


Roanoke Fire and EMS Department

Supreme Court of Kansas State v. Robinson


Bonnie McNeely came to the Verify team with a warning she saw on Facebook.

"I'd like you to verify state police warning on Facebook messenger about Dreamweaver Grey being a murder suspect inviting women to private chats," McNeely said.

Our researchers were able to trace it back on social media for several years. The researchers also found nearly identical posts with different names, like the alias 'Slavemaster.'

In both cases, the guy's accused of murdering 56 women.

Next, the researchers checked both of those screen names against court documents.

A case of John Edward Robinson, Sr., who went by the screen name "Slavemaster" and was convicted of luring women to their deaths over the internet back in the 80s was found. There were eight victims in all, and Robinson is locked up and on death row.

Roanoke Fire EMS department whose contact info was listed in that state police warning Bonnie received, also responded on social media saying the warning is a hoax.

They said this one is a hoax and not a warning they issued.