GREENSBORO, N.C. — It seems every day, another warning about identity theft circulates social media, and with so many viral alerts, it is hard to disseminate what is true.

That is where the VERIFY team takes action.


Good Morning Show viewer Karen Brunthaver reached out asking:

Good Morning, Meghann, could you VERIFY this post? The post alleges bankers advise anyone using an ATM to press the 'cancel' button before starting a transaction, in order to prevent identity theft or fraud.

Post about ATM
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  • Courtney Callicutt - financial specialist, Pinnacle Financial Partners (Asheboro)


Callicutt said the post is true. Yes, a user can press 'cancel' twice before inserting a card, but he or she should do it after the transaction, too.

"Pressing 'cancel' twice after your transaction isn't a 100% guarantee that all of your information will be wiped from the ATM in which you've just performed your transaction, but it is something we recommend," Callicutt emphasized.

She said if a user is concerned an ATM, gas pump, etc. might have a skimmer on it, he or she should check the card insert area and see if it is loose or looks tampered. 

"Skimmers are cheap pieces of equipment that are often laid right over the top of the real credit card insert and will usually pull off with relative ease."


Press cancel twice before and after a credit card transaction to lower the risk of identity theft or fraud.

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