WFMY News 2 viewer Gracie Leath asked on Facebook, "I want to know if the state is required to give left-handed children in school a left-handed desk to use at school."


To VERIFY, we reached out to the NC Dept. of Public Instruction (NCDPI), Guilford County Schools (GCS) and UNC-Greensboro (UNCG).


NCDPI communications specialist Todd Silverman explained there is no state requirement to provide left-handed desks to left-handed students. Local school districts can set their own policies or accommodations.

GCS representative Nora Shoptaw said GCS does not have specific requirements for left-handed desks, but a majority of the desks are universal and not hand-specific.

So, what about public college classrooms?

UNCG educational leadership associate professor Carl Lashley explained there's no UNCG requirement for left-handed desks. But, there could be an exception in a case where a student with a disability were left-handed and required access to equipment on the left side. In that case, a public school might be required to provide a left-handed desk.


In conclusion, we verified there are no requirements for schools to give left-handed desks to left-handed students. But, lefties, it wouldn't hurt to ask a teacher for a left-handed desk if you'd be more comfortable.


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