CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One of Charlotte's newest bars is giving its customers a unique experience they can't find anywhere else. 

We're talking about The Candle Bar, Charlotte's first build-your-own candle workshop. It's a relatively simple concept, too; you pick your vessel (the container for the candle), your fragrance, mix it together and pour your own candle. 

And yes, there is booze and beer. Even better, you can BYOB if you have something special that's not offered at the store.

The Candle Bar started with a pop-up shop in Camden last November before moving into their full retail space in South End earlier this year. It's right next to the heart wall at Jeni's if you've never been. 

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There are over 40 fragrances to choose from for your candle. The staff will offer recommendations if you can't decide. 

"Most women choose the driftwood and indigo," said one employee. "It smells like a hot guy."

Whoa. Our own Hannah Welker sampled a few fragrances and confirmed that observation. Once you pick your fragrance, it's time to get to work. You place your wicks in the vessel, pour the fragrance, add hot wax and let it set. 

You come back later to pick up the finished product. From start to finish, the whole process will cost you $40.