GREENSBORO, North Carolina — The Chancellor at North Carolina A&T wants to do more to improve campus policies regarding sexual assaults. 

Chancellor Harold Martin emailed students on Wednesday, and said the university's efforts to prevent sexual assaults and support survivors are not adequate. 

Recently, a cheerleader came forward, claiming she was raped by a fellow student. 

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She says she told the coaches, but says they didn't report the alleged crime, which is Title 9 protocol. 

On Wednesday, the chancellor said he's creating a campus-wide committee made up of students, faculty, and staff to evaluate recommendations from the Student Government Association. 

The committee will meet for the first time next week. 

The student government has made 11 recommendations that include establishing a gender-based violence response office and starting a 24-7 rape crisis center on campus. 

Here's a list of all 11 recommendations: 

  1. Create an adjudication board of sanctioning officers. 
  2. Establish a Gender-Based Violence Response Office. 
  3. Establish a 24/7 Rape Crisis Center on campus. 
  4. Allow students to report gender-based sexual, dating, and other types of violence anonymously online. 
  5. Hire qualified professional staff to work as investigators of sexual assault cases. 
  6. Provide survivors and accused students with different case managers. 
  7. Investigations should limit the number of times survivors must re-describe the incident to as few individuals as is practicable. Investigations should take ideally about 60 days. 
  8. Provide accommodations beyond what's required by law. 
  9. Offer anonymous campus climate surveys to accurately measure the prevalence of sexual and dating violence. 
  10. Publish aggregate statistics showing: how many cases are reported, how many survivors were denied accommodations that they requested, how long cases remained open, how many students were found responsible, and how students found responsible were sanctioned. 
  11. A complete restructuring and rebuilding of the "Healthy Brothers, Healthy Sisters" program.