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'We Will Deal With This Forever': Guilford County Man Loses Leg after Motorcycle Hit-and-Run

Doctors tried to save Travis Merrill's leg for several days, but they had no choice but to amputate it.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A couple is permanently scarred after a hit-and-run motorcycle crash, and investigators are still searching for the suspect behind the wheel.

Travis and Nicki Merrill were returning home on their motorcycles the night of Sunday, July 28. Suddenly, a driver swerved and hit the couple at the intersection of W. Vandalia and Randleman Road in Greensboro.

"We made impact, and I got thrown off the motorcycle, and I skidded across the pavement," said Nicki. "It was just a very traumatic experience, I hope I never have to endure that again."

Nicki's physical injuries included a broken leg, a severely bruised tailbone, and rashes and bruises all over her body. Travis' leg was left bloody and mangled from the crash.

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Today, Nicki is recovering in a leg boot, but Travis' leg had to be amputated. He uses a walker to get around for now and will be fitted for a prosthetic leg in several weeks.

"Hopefully after I get the prosthesis, I'll be able to get back to work pretty soon. I hope anyway," said Travis.

The suspect's car is a dark-colored 2016-2018 Toyota Corolla. It is described as dark green or black and was last seen traveling south on Randleman Rd., according to the Greensboro Police Department.

Nicki said she did not get a great look at the driver, but remembers them as a person with short or no hair.

"Even if it's your neighbor, your friend... I just want to know why they didn't stop," said Nicki. "I would really appreciate it if somebody would come forward if they knew any kind of information. It would give me some kind of, not closure, because we will deal with this forever. But some sort of type of closure with the incident."

A benefit ride is planned for the injured couple on September 28 at 12 p.m. The ride will start at 2652 Randleman Rd., Greensboro. The event includes a raffle and food, and kickstands are up at 1 p.m.

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Although the couple's motorcycles were not seriously damaged after the crash, they said they are much more cautious about riding once they recover.

"I probably won't ride like I did, because I pretty much rode every chance I got," said Travis. "If you're riding a motorcycle, you gotta watch out, you never know."

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