GREENSBORO, N.C. -- — Birds, found dead in Greensboro.

Some are concerned that West Nile Virus killed them. We tried to verify the claim with Guilford County Animal Services, and the Guilford County Health Department.

Both says they've received no reports of it so where did this claim come from?

A man in Greensboro found two sick crows on the ground, within a matter of days.

"We saw a dead crow that was decomposing. Every time we take our son for a hike it is always a learning experience, so I was like 'Hey look, it's a dead crow, look,'" said Matthew Kennedy who was hiking with his family in Greensboro.

A few days later, Matthew Kennedy says he saw a second crow, barely alive.

He called Animal Services, who transferred the bird to Federally Licensed Bird Rehabber Jackie Schaible.

"My first inclination especially this time of a year and we're dealing with a crow -- I think West Nile Virus," said Schaible.

Schaible has been rehabbing birds for decades. She says Crows are susceptible to West Nile.

This year she's cared for three that have died. One more is in critical condition.

She says the concentration is in Greensboro.

Schaible said the testing to 100 percent confirm it is West Nile Virus is very expensive, and as a volunteer she doesn't have the resources.

Based on her experience, I asked her how confident she is that West Nile Virus was to blame.

"I would say 90 percent certain," said Schaible.

Schaible does not want the public to panic, because you can't get West Nile from birds it only comes from infected mosquitoes.

While Guilford County Animal Services, and the Guilford County Health Department say they haven't received reports of West Nile in our area, you heard one local expert say she's confident it is.