FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- It seems like we've been reporting on the flu season for a while, and we have.

This season has been pretty bad, but it's not over.

Flu season continues until may, and doctors say it's not slowing down, in fact, we could see a new strain in the next few months!

There are several different types of flu, but the most common are Influenza A and Influenza B.

And both of those have two strains of their own.

So there are two types of Influenza A and two types of Influenza B.

Usually Influenza A peaks around now, and Influenza B peaks between March and May.

But, Influenza A is historically worse.

"It is a particularly nasty strain. People who get sick with H3N2, seem to get sicker and stay sick longer, and may require hospitalization," said Felicia Lovett, the Immunization Program Manager at Forsyth County Health Department.

Normally, if you're unlucky enough to get the flu twice -- you will get an Influenza A strain, and an Influenza B strain.

However, Christy Redden's son, Logan, got Influenza A twice!

"It's scary. The first time, and the second time is just as scary. Both of my twins also have Asthma. With the flu type A, it is more of a respiratory type sickness, and that's really scary for anybody," said Redden.

The good news is little Logan went back to school today.

Since you can get the flu twice, even if you have gotten the flu, The Forsyth County Health Department says to still get a flu shot.

They say they have plenty left, and they're free.