NORTH CAROLINA, USA — When we hear about school shootings, we often think: what went wrong?

But the situation at High Point University this week has us questioning, what went right? How was a mass school shooting prevented?

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It all trickles down to 'see something, say something.'

That saying is more than just a saying, it's proven to have worked in the Triad two times in the past several months.

December 3rd and August 28th.

In December, a man was arrested for going into the Smith High School in Greensboro with a gun, and backpack full of bullets.

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Three staff members saw him with the gun, and took him down.

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Fast forward to the present, this week High Point Police arrested 19-year-old Paul Steber for plotting to shoot up High Point University, because students reported what they saw.

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'See something, say something.'

It's not just a slogan. Evidently, it's saving lives.