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Why would someone lie about you?

There are several reasons someone won't tell the truth. Blanca Cobb explains ways to tell someone is lying.

On some reality TV shows, people lie about someone else. Ben Briscoe wants to know the reasons behind the lies. People get caught up in their anger and their emotion. If someone doesn't like you, is mad at you or wants to get back at you then they might lie. Or, perhaps, they want to continue to play the victim then they'll tell lies. You might think that the difficulty in hiding the lies would be a deterrent, but it isn't. Their emotions can get the best of them and overcome logic and common sense. If they can get people to be angry at you or hate you as much as they do then lying serves a purpose. 

There aren't any tell-tell signs that someone is lying because there isn't one universal sign of lying. Instead pay attention to what someone is saying and what they're not saying. Ask yourself if they're inconsistencies in what they're saying? Is there a motive for them to lie? Does their story even make sense? Look at their body language. Is there a discrepancy in what someone is saying vs. what they're showing in their body language? If there's a discrepancy then it's possible that there's more to the story. If so then you'll want to ask some questions to get clarity. 

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Your best bet is to figure out someone's baseline behavior. How do they typically act? How do they typically respond? How do they typically answer questions? This will give more information then just relying on one body language gesture. 

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