PIEDMONT TRIAD, N.C. -- Will the dry weather hurt your chances of picking the perfect pumpkin?

The short answer is no, but the close to three weeks without rain does impact local farms.

"We really don't need any rain right now because if it's raining we can't open and people aren't going to come out through the corn maze," explains Trey Early, with J Razz & Tazz Farm in Gibsonville.

For them, the dry spell is good for agro-tourism. They prepare ahead of time to make sure the corn doesn't dry out.

"We basically empty a 3-acre lake to grow the field of corn," Early explains.

But the same can't be said for their other crops, like the late-season soy beans.

"We lose crops in the field without rain and if it does rain we lose here," Early says. So, it's a double-edged sword."

The same goes for Iseley Farms in Burlington.

"It has allowed us a lot of time to get the tobacco in," explains Danyale Ross. "Obviously some things can use the rain but it has allowed us extra time that we don't always get this time of year."

But without rain, there's more work to be done on the mums. Even the pumpkins are at risk of drying out. Plus, it gets dusty on the farm. But the dust is better for business than rain. Iseley Farms does hayrides on the weekends and they don't want to miss that crowd.

Theat hasn't really affected prices for these farms either, but again, those rainless days are at the expense of the some other crops.

"We want it more so than not," Ross tells. "It really is going to save us from having to add water to a lot of other things."

So as the sun sets on another dry day, the farmers try to see the bright side. Because after all...

"We're pretty much at the mercy of Mother Nature," Early says.

As for picking pumpkins, now (October) is the prime time. They're ripe for baking or making pumpkin seeds. But if you want to carve out a jack-o'-lantern, you might want to wait until it gets a little closer to Halloween, so the pumpkin doesn't rot out. Once you do get your pumpkin, try to keep it in a cool, dry place because heat will rot them quicker.

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