WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The city of Winston-Salem said it will have police at an upcoming rally over the Confederate Monument.

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Groups in opposition of the monument plan to hold a rally on Sunday, January 13 in the downtown area. But groups in support could also be at the rally.

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The city of Winston-Salem has called for the removal of the Confederate Monument after it was recently vandalized. The monument is on private property. However, the monument is owned by the  United Daughters Of Confederacy.

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The city of Winston-Salem said in reference to the rally that it, “understands this is a highly emotional topic for some, and is asking those in attendance for their support and cooperation as related to public safety.”

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Leaders also stated, “The city of Winston-Salem recognizes and supports the rights of individuals as related to freedom of speech and lawful/peaceful assemblies in public areas, and will have police representatives present to address any possible infringement of those rights.”

The city is also concerned about the winter storm. They ask those who are attending to avoid parking in the immediate area of Fourth and Liberty streets, as parking is limited in and around this area.