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With record warm temperatures possible this week, experts warn against Spring planting

February has seen its fair share of warm days, but local gardening experts say you should wait to plant until at least April.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Local farmers are working to manage their crops with the warmer weather. 

Owners of Rudd Farm in Greensboro say their strawberry plants, which were planted in the fall, are about two weeks ahead of schedule.

If warmer weather prevails over the coming weeks, that could allow strawberry picking as soon as April 1st.  

However, just one cold snap could change everything. 

The same can be said for your own garden. 

Local nurseries are already starting to see customers looking to get a head start on their planting. 

Experts say there is no need to waste your money on expensive plants.

Despite the warmer weather this week, we are not past the potential for a frost or freeze. 

"The ground is still the last thing to warm up. So the air warms up first but it takes the ground a little bit longer to warm up so therefore we don't want to jump the gun just because the temperatures up here are good," said Jordan Allen, Wholesale Manager with A&A Plants

Credit: National Weather Service

Right now, Allen says you should be prepping your beds to be ready for those springtime additions as soon as the weather allows. 

You can plant trees and shrubs, says Allen, since they are hearty enough to withstand the possibility of cold weather. 

If you must get a jump start on the season, just keep those plants indoors, for now. 

 "If you have to do something buy it and bring it in and out. If you say okay, I don't want to miss it get it and leave it out on pretty days, but bring it inside at night because none of these temperatures are good enough," said Allen. 

Experts at A&A Plants say you should wait to plant for at least another month or so.

Our average last frost is not until April 15th. 

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