DANVILLE, Va. - After accidently donating a sentimental handmade quilt, one woman is doing everything she can to track it down. 

Rachel Bowen originally lost the quilt on March 8, but notice it was missing later that month - on March 28. Her son accidentally took it to the local Goodwill with a number of other donations, not realizing how much it meant to his mother. 

Bowen's grandmother started the quilt, and then her mother worked on it until she was diagnosed with cancer. After her mother passed, Bowen told her friends she wanted to get it finished, but she didn't have the money to do it. Last year, her friends pitched in a paid for the heirloom to be finished, and surprised her.

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Now, after the accidental donation, she's on the hunt for it - taking to social media to spread the word. She's offering a $500 reward for the returned quilt, no questions asked. 

Goodwill Industries of South Central Virginia President Gary Cotta says all nine of the stores that he covers were checked for the quilt, and he's verified that the quilt is not at any of them. He fears it is probably long gone because items donated to them don't stick around for more than a few days before being sold, or circulated. The Goodwill Branch took to Facebook as well to get the word out.


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