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Writing in a journal is good for your health

You'll start feeling better when you write your thoughts, feelings, problems in a journal. Blanca Cobb explains.

We hear a lot about journaling. This is writing down your thoughts in a journal. For the past six months, many people have been dealing with uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic. From stay-at-home orders, closed schools and business, unstable economy, social unrest, and the list goes on.

According to University of Rochester Medical Center, writing in a journal helps manage feelings of depression and anxiety. Think about it: your taking your concerns from your mind to paper. You're transferring your worries, thoughts, feelings on paper.

When you write your negative thoughts on paper then you're symbolically getting rid of the burden on your mind. Michigan State University reported a study that found that people feel physically better after writing in journal. Many chronically ill patients reported less negative feelings after physically throwing away the paper on which they wrote they thoughts and feelings about a negative situation. By writing in a journal for 20 minutes a day made the difference for patients with asthma and arthritis. So imagine the impact it can have on you if you write a journal. That's a reason to journal. 

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