WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – After Hurricane Maria, Michelle Murray-García worried about her family back in Puerto Rico.

“I was really scared because we’ve never seen something like that in Puerto Rico.”

The student-athlete at Winston-Salem State University is a Puerto Rican native and hasn’t been able to visit her family in months.

“Last time I was there I think it was last December,” she said.

Her brother, who still lives there, is the only person she was able to get in contact with a week after the hurricane.

“All my family is there.”

Although they are safe, Murray-García says her family lost everything.

When her teammates found out about her family, they put together a supply drive to help them.

On Monday, October 9, Murray-García found out that two of her teammates’ parents decided to lead efforts to get her to Puerto Rico and reunite with her family.

“It feels good to know people are trying to look over me,” Murray-García said with a smile.

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