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'Jesus will help me find a kidney': Yanceyville man searches for a kidney donor

About two years ago Romany Nageeb, 32, found out just how bad his kidneys were and now he needs help finding a donor.

YANCEYVILLE, N.C. — The coronavirus has taken over the headlines over the past several months. But a Triad man wants to bring attention to his disease and his search for a kidney donor.

About two years ago, Romany Nageeb, 32, of Yanceyville found out just how bad his kidneys were after a visit to his doctor.

Nageeb is the owner of Yanceyville Mart New York Deli which is located on N.C. 86-South by the Milton exit in Yanceyville, Caswell County. He moved to the United States from Egypt in 2009.

"I came to the United States with nothing. All I had was $15 and I just went to the flea market and I bought a used bicycle and rode to work," Romany Nageeb said.

He said he worked in many restaurants and gas station convenience stores until he was able to own his own business. He runs his deli-mart with his wife Mariam. 

However, their hard-fought American dream is being upended by a kidney disease which Nageeb wasn't able to start treating until around the time he turned 30.

Credit: Romany Nageeb
Yanceyville man, Romany Nageeb, searches for a new kidney

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"With me being like 12 or 13 years old, I had three kidney stones and at that time, my daddy, he did not have enough money to do the surgery to remove the stones," Nageeb said.

He said because of the damage done to his kidneys, he now has to undergo dialysis for up to 10 hours every day. 

"I get tired. I'll be better dead than to do dialysis every day like that. This is too hard for me and I can't stay doing dialysis like that all my life, it's too hard," he said. 

His doctors told him he needed a transplant and so to find a donor quickly, he drives around town with a plea to help him get a new kidney.

Credit: WFMY NEWS 2
Yanceyville man, Romany Nageeb, searches for a new kidney

"My friend told me, put a sign on your car, put a sign in the yard and that would help make more people know about your situation and about your kidney, and somebody will come and give you a kidney and I believe this will happen. I believe it in my heart," Nageeb said.

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"To see someone like him suffering and not having that help make any individual with a heart feels some type of way and feel sad," Nita Johnson a frequent customer at Nageeb's deli said.

Johnson is a teacher at the nearby N.L. Dillard Middle School and has gotten to know Nageeb and his family. She was moved by his ordeal and was inspired to help Nageeb spread the search for a kidney donor beyond their small Caswell County community. 

"I was just hoping that someone will reach out to him maybe give him a kidney or find him a kidney he deserves it," Johnson said.

"If anything, I believe that Jesus will help me find a kidney. I'm a Christian man and I believe from my heart that Jesus will help me find a kidney," he said.

To find out how you can help or become a donor contact Romany Nageeb at 919-627-3912

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