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YouDay | Don't let 'stankin' thinking' from the garbage can eat up your mind!

Today on youday! Coach LaMonte asks the question would you eat garbage? And what does garbage have to do with the way we think?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Would you eat out of a garbage can or play in the garbage? My assessment is probably not. However, for many of you, this is an illustration of your thinking. You continue to consume garbage thoughts and play in the mire of their very existence. That means that the thoughts you continue to circulate are thoughts not beneficial to your personal growth.

If you have garbage can thinking, what are you sharing and offering to the world? Could your 'stanking thinking' be adding to the issues around us? In this case, your thoughts are not feeding people but polluting them. The key to good thinking is consuming thoughts that strengthen you, making you healthy-minded. We must cease treating our minds like garbage cans just letting anything live there. Remember a garbage can mind will lead to a cluttered garbage can life. So do your mind right...bring it out of the can and into your powerful hands. -Coach LaMonte

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