By now, I'm sure you've seen the viral video of DJ Pryor and his adorable 18-month-old son, Kingston.They were just chatting or should I say, babbling away while watching TV. There's a key body language gesture that helped dad and baby bond. This same gesture can help you, as a parent, make a connection with your child.

Body language played a huge role in the conversation between Pryorand his son. Even though Pryor couldn't understand what his son was saying, he related to him through body language and it was something that baby Kingston could pick up on. Let me explain. Daddy mirrored baby Kingston's body language. So when Kingston giggled then daddy laughed. When baby placed his hand out then daddy placed his hand out. When baby shook his body then daddy did the same. Body mirroring happens when you're emotionally connected or in sync with someone. It happens subconsciously. 

Even though Pryor and Kingston didn't have a real conversation, Pryor used his voice to encourage his son to continue talking. If you listen carefully to their conversation, you'll notice that Pryor's tone of voice was at a similar level or loudness as his son's. When vocal intensities are similar then this increases similarity or likeness. 

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