A father's fury has him facing possible felony charges after standing up for his daughter.

The Granite Falls Middle School 8th grader told administrators on Wednesday that someone emailed her school account saying they wished she was dead. She said it was the latest incident in a two-year ordeal.

After school, the girl's dad walked into the main office to meet with the principal. When the principal wasn't immediately available, police say the father announced that if his daughter continued to get bullied he would, "come to the school with a gun and take care of the kids himself." The statement was allegedly followed by, "It's not a threat. I will come here with a gun. I will take a life sentence for my children."

While there is outrage in the Granite Falls community over those alleged threats, no one would speak on the record to KING 5 about their concerns.

Many parents said they support the father.

"I can completely understand what he is feeling," said mother Maranda Snow.

"I sympathize for him," added Carmen Lane who has a student she claims has been bullied at that same school. "You have to back them up. You're the only protector there for them. If you don't protect them who else is going to?"

Those parents say bullying is rampant in the district and their complaints often fall on deaf ears.

"It's frustrating," said parent Ashelee Davis. "You go and talk with the principals and they say they're gonna do something about it, or they've got it under control, but it keeps happening."

School officials said this is the first time any incident involving this student has been brought to their attention.

"When things are reported to us we investigate and work through it," said School Superintendent Linda Hall. "There are a number of times where we don't know anything about it, and it has been going on for two years. Then we have to backtrack."

Hall added the district holds annual anti-bullying training for staff and students. A complaint box sits the middle school's main office where children can get help from staff as well as from other students.

Hall said her district is no different than any other and student safety is her top priority.

"We welcome parents to come to us and discuss their issues. We'd welcome more parental involvement, as well," said Hall.

Friends of the father said he is a good man, an Army veteran with PTSD who often helps out in his community. He now faces possible charges of threatening to kill -- a Class C felony. Police say the father has denied making any specific threat to harm students.

Granite Falls administrators are looking into a special meeting with parents later this year to discuss the issue.

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