The first debate for election 2020 is tonight. With political debates, voters watch the candidates carefully to figure out who they trust and like. Body language plays a critical role in the candidates' performance. Let's start with the line up of the candidates.

The first debate for election 2020 is tonight. In the kickoff debate ten candidates will be featured tonight. To qualify for the debate, candidates needed to reach fundraising or polling minimums. Those with the highest polls are given the premium spots in the lineup on stage, which is dead center. Those on the ends of the line up won't be perceived as important because they're on the outskirts of the field of vision. Those in the center are in prime real estate locations because that's where the eye focuses. So those on the end will have more pressure to stand out. 

To stand out, these candidates can control their message through their voice. Memorize their talking points won't cut it. It's conveying their message with conviction and strength. This means speaking clearly, distinctly and purposefully. Placing vocal emphasis on important points, having vocal inflection and using pauses effectively. 

To convey confidence, candidates should have open body language which means to have their protection zones (throat, abdomen, hips) unobstructed. They should use their hands to illustrate points as well as have palms up (which conveys openness and honesty). Additionally, taking up space shows that they're feeling self-assured. Playing with their fingers, fidgeting, swaying on their feet, adjusting the microphone or moving their water bottle constantly are behaviors that will erode their perceived confidence.

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