Cards Against Humanity announced the end of the party game, claiming the company was switching gears to produce potato chips called "Prongles."

The announcement was made the afternoon of Black Friday. now redirects to, where the chips are already sold out.

The chips were spotted in stores like Target earlier this week.

On their new site, the company formerly known as CAH has an FAQ:

"Why are you doing this? Our research shows that the snack food industry is bigger and more profitable than the board games industry."

This isn't CAH's first Black Friday stunt. In 2016, the company asked for users to donate money while watching heavy machinery dig a large hole.

In 2015, CAH sold nothing. For $5 you could get nothing.

In 2014, you could get literal bull feces for $6.

In 2013, the game's price was increased from $25 to $30 for their Black Friday "sale."

The card game's other stunts include buying land along the U.S.-Mexico border to "make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the [border] wall to get built."

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Do you think CAH is really ending its popular and controversial card game? Or do you think they have a clever plan to back out of Prongles? Let us know on Facebook.

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