HONEA PATH, S.C. — A South Carolina car dealership is running a “God, guns, and America” promotion.

“What that means is you come to the dealership, you purchase a vehicle and you will be actually leaving the dealership with a bible and your American flag. We will give a voucher to you to go to a local reputable gun store,” said Carolina Ford General Manager Derrick Hughes.

According to WSPA, the promotion is good until the end of November at Carolina Ford. The $400 voucher is to Locked N Loaded in Abbeville, for a Smith and Wesson AR.

Jay Ashley, the owner of Locked N Loaded said customers will have to pass required background checks.

“What we don’t want is someone who bought a car and they know they can’t buy a firearm to give that to somebody else to come in here and get it,” Ashley said that’s not going to happen. “We will squish that. We know the name of the person who bought the car, who signed for it and that’s why we require a copy of their driver’s license.”

Customers with the voucher can also choose to use it for other items in the tactical store. That includes both fishing and hunting equipment.


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