AUSTIN — Homecoming has been a tradition at Texas high schools for years.

Students are nominated to the homecoming court and a king and queen are named at the football game.

But Austin High School is changing the tradition.

Anavey Peña and her girlfriend Daniela Camacho are on this year's homecoming court.

"I feel good,” said Camacho. “I'm nervous.”

They are one of two lesbian couples who told school administrators that having only a king and queen on the homecoming court was discriminatory.

So, Austin High adopted a gender-neutral ballot, which the two are grateful for.

“Definitely thank you,” Peña. “You didn't have to at all."

Thursday night, four seniors were announced as homecoming royalty along with two underclassman per grade.

“All I know is that it made a lot of other people really happy,” said Peña. “That we stood up for what we believed. That we're doing it. That we changed something."

KVUE talked to some parents who disagree with the change.

They said it is a shame that homecoming kings and queens are no longer a tradition.

But Austin High School parent Venus Dever said the change is fine.

"I think the whole king and queen thing is just popularity,” she said. “Which is what it's always been. So it doesn't really matter what sex you are to be popular."

Even though the homecoming court has changed at Austin High, the spirit surrounding homecoming remains.

Austin ISD said a gender neutral homecoming court is not district-wide. Administrators are allowing each school to determine how to coordinate homecoming.