It’s an image being called offensive by some: two men hanging by a noose from a tree on Call of Duty: World War II.

When the image began floating around the internet, some parents had questions and others had explanations.

"I let my son play games like this,” Stephanie Blanchard, parent, said. Her son is 13-year-old Matthew Blanchard, who has been playing video games for years.

"Stuff like that, it's history,” Matthew said. “A lot of stuff with the statues going on and Civil War and stuff, it's history. You gotta have that."

He said games are much like movies, you wouldn’t let your kids watch just anything on the big screen.

Some parents, like Serena Hernandez, play the games with their kids.

“I enjoy them and he enjoys them and it's also keeping an eye on, monitoring,” Hernandez said.

Her son, Brandon, is 14 years old. He’s played games since he was 10 and specifically around to answer questions that might come up.

“It's exposure and if you expose your kids properly, talk to them about it, teach them the proper way to think about things, it will be okay,” Hernandez said.

If moving pictures can give us a glimpse of real life, what kind of lessons can we learn from video games?

Sledgehammer Games, one of the companies that helped create Call of Duty: World War II, released a statement to the fact-checking website Snopes after the image was released.

He said: “Some very, very dark things happened during this conflict and it felt wrong for us to ignore that…the fact that that stuff existed, it was real, and our characters deal with it."

For parents who don’t necessarily want to play the games with their kids, there’s an app for that.

It’s called ESRB Ratings, it allows anyone to search the name of the game and details on why it was given a specific rating.

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