DENVER — Frank Cunningham is a "charmer."

At least that's the way his only grandson, Geoffrey Walter, describes him. 

"He’s done a lot over the past century," Walter wrote in a Facebook post. "Fought in World War II, graduated from The Ohio State University, worked
as an engineer, taught schoolchildren, raised my mom, traveled the world with my late grandmother, survived his two younger brothers and been one hell of a grandfather." 

Cunningham was born in Glouster, Ohio in 1919. He was the oldest of three boys. 

Frank Cunningham
Frank Cunningham as a baby in 1919
Geoffrey Walter

He was also a soldier. During WWII, Walter said his grandfather fought in North Africa and Italy as a radar specialist. 

Walter said his grandfather still loves looking through photo albums and sharing stories from his time in the service. 

Frank Cunningham
Frank Cunningham in North Africa during WWII
Geoffrey Walter

"One of my favorite photo albums has a cover that my grandpa made out of the fuselage of a fallen German Luftwaffe aircraft," Walter described. "He's always been handy with metalwork and woodwork."

Cunningham and his wife, Ruth, raised their only daughter in Wilmington, Ohio. When she grew up and began raising a family of her own in the Denver suburbs, Cunningham moved to Colorado as well to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren.

Frank Cunningham
Frank with his wife Ruth in 1955.
Geoffrey Walter

Cunningham's wife of 72 years passed away in February 2018 at the age of 99. He now lives in a Denver retirement community.

Frank Cunningham
Frank and Ruth in 2016.
Geoffrey Walter

Cunningham is turning 100 years old later this month. And it's Walter's goal to get him at least 100 cards. 

"One of his favorite things is receiving a good greeting card—funny or touching, simple or elaborate—few things make his face light up like opening an envelope and reading someone's message," Walter said in the post. 

He said that anyone who wants to can send a card. It will be a surprise for Cunningham. 

Frank Cunningham
Frank with his grandson Geoff in 2018.
Geoffrey Walter

"Having outlived most of his family and friends, it will mean so much to him to know that people are thinking of him on his 100th birthday," Walter said. 

Walter is asking anyone who wants to participate to send their card before Saturday, June 29 to:

Frank K. Cunningham
c/o Clermont Park
2480 S. Clermont Street, Suite 281
Denver, CO 80222

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