A good Samaritan and a happy granddaughter met for the first time, one day after 5 On Your Side reported about her grandfather's lost belongings found on the side of the road in Lake St. Louis.

Rob Bell is the man who discovered a box containing the marriage certificate of Carl House and his wife Florence (both deceased), along with a military uniform, and Navy and National Guard honorable discharge documents. Bell hoped to locate family members to return the items and contacted 5 On Your Side.

House's granddaughter Christine Batson heard a familiar name while watching the news Tuesday.

"I was making dinner and the news was on and, and you showed that document that says Carl House and that kind of piqued my interest, you know," said Batson. "But then when you showed the marriage certificate and you said 'Florence Alpert' and then you said, 'and their son Edward died in 2010',  I'm like, 'Oh, that's my grandfather.' I was so excited."

Bell dropped off the items at at Batson's house Wednesday. Batson was especially excited for her 92-year-old mother who recently moved into a nursing home.

"My mother had a horrible year last year with illnesses and so for this to happen, you know, after the horrible year that she had and to be able to bring her something like this of her father's, it's just a wonderful feeling," said Batson.

Batson's grandfather was also a St. Louis police officer.