A Navy Corpsman's plea to get her dog back that she said was adopted out to someone in Moody, Texas went viral on Facebook with nearly 50,000 shares and more than 2,500 comments.

Tara Holden shared the Facebook post on Sunday, saying her brother put her yellow lab, Diesel, up for adoption. Holden said she got the dog in Pensacola, Florida where she was stationed. She said she was transferred to Jacksonville, North Carolina and asked her brother to watch the dog while she completed her medical training.

According to Holden, her brother later gave the dog away to the Temple Animal Shelter, which then adopted the dog out to a man in Moody. Channel 6 learned Tuesday the man is a disabled veteran.

Temple spokeswoman Shannon Gowan said they've received several calls about the dog but not from Holden. Gowan said the city can't do anything because Holden's brother signed a surrender contract after saying he had been in charge of the dog for more than a year.

"Our role is sort of complete already," said Gowan. "You know when an owner surrender dog comes into our shelter we go and try and get it adopted as fast as we possibly can. We want that dog to be in a caring and loving environment."

Gowan said Holden should reach out to the City attorney to try and solve the problem.