Warning: Story may be offensive to some readers.

WASHINGTON – United States Capitol Police arrested a Pentagon cyber-security contractor for threatening to kill a Florida congresswoman, revealing the Maryland man is now released from custody and currently awaiting trial.

Darryl Albert Varnum of Westminster, Md., is accused of leaving a threatening voicemail at the office of Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (D-Fla.), a message tinged with hate, now laid bare in court documents.

The threat and rage concerned The Vaccinate All Children Act, which would require vaccinations for all public school students. Below is a full transcription of the vulgar phone call, provided by U.S. Capitol Police:

“I’m gonna kill your ass if you do that bill. I swear. I will f***ing come down and kill your f***ing ass. And you’re a Congressperson, that is fine. I hope the f***ing FBI, CIA, and everybody else hears this shit. If you’re taking away my rights. This is the United States of America, bitch. Get the f**k out. I will come down there and personally f***ing kill you. I am dead f***ing serious. I wanna see you mother******s at my door, if you’re legit. That HR bill you just pushed through, ah, f**k you. I’ll tell you what I’ll come down to Miami bitch. I’ll f**k you up. Like Cubans don’t even know.”

Varnum worked within the headquarters of the Defense Information Systems Agency at Fort Meade.

A 911 call in 2015 reported Varnum owned numerous guns, and while intoxicated, he told his wife that numerous ISIS combatants were coming to his home to fight him.

The Carroll County man is now released from custody, after he surrendered his passport. He must now complete a one-month mental health program, and is prohibited from contacting Rep. Wilson or accessing his firearms.