EDWARDSVILLE, IL — Let's get this out in the open, I am not a cat person. I am not a kitten person. In fact, it's pretty well known around the station that I just can't stand them. There its out there.

But, that aside, I could not resist the chance to share with all of you a fantastic little "kitten" story, if for no other reason, then to show you these unbelievable cat pics.

PHOTOS: More pics of Linsey

Meet Linsey. This cute, Metro East kitty will hopefully have a home for the holidays, thanks to a pair of quick-thinking police officers. Linsey found herself trapped under a large brush pile on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

They're guessing she was there for a couple days. Thankfully, a pair of SIUE police officers spotted the cat -- and brought her to the Metro East Humane Society.

They say the Linsey is doing great -- and should be available for adoption by Christmas!