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Community members continue to support Ukraine

As the invasion of Russia continues in Ukraine, community members are stepping up to do what they can to help the Ukrainian people.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, community members continue to do what they can to help those in need.

On Saturday, families in Winston-Salem held a bake sale to support World Central Kitchen and Save the Children

"I was drawn to World Central Kitchen just because they are very quick to respond to disasters and things like this and also had a lot of chefs that provide these very high-quality meals for these families in these desperate situations," said bake sale organizer Carrie Dewsnup.

Dewsnup and several other families held the bake sale Saturday afternoon.

"People are so generous," Dewsnup said. "I think people want to give and there have been so many people this has been like a community thing. There (have) been so many people who offered to make treats and just people who (are) really giving and give a lot more than the two-dollar cookies so it’s been really great."

The bake sale was run by mostly children and Dewsnup said it is important to talk with them about what's going on in Ukraine. 

"It’s hard to explain and I think kids are very empathetic and they can see what’s going on and they can see it from us reacting, us watching, reading so I just think trying to explain to them in way they understand," Dewsnup said. "I think it’s important for them to have an understanding of what’s going on, maybe not all the details, but to know that there (are) people like us struggling and if we were in that situation we (would) want someone to do that, do this for us."

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In Burlington, Lisa Eddins started a supply drive at FLOW Honda.

"It’s crazy," said Eddins. "I never expected the amount of donations that have come in. We live in really hard times so it’s not easy to just take money out of your own pocket to go to give (to) somebody else but it just restores faith in humanity that even in the hardest times people will still do for others."

Eddins said they are accepting a variety of items from tactical gear to hygiene supplies as well. 

"If you were to walk around your house and see like the little things that you have, these people don't," said Eddins.

Living Water Church in Greensboro (located inside Trinity Church) is also accepting donations. 

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