RENTON, Washington -- A little girl survived a terrible accident that killed her mother in Renton on Monday. Her father says it's a miracle she survived.

That's no exaggeration: A'Myracle is the name of the 4-year-old who suffered just minor injuries when a tree fell onto the car she was riding in.

Norman Devoe, the father of 4-year-old A'Myracle Mary Clark, was driving behind his fiancee, Deidra Clark. After the accident happened, he saw the tree on her car, which killed 34-year-old Deidra and gravely injured Deidra's twin sister who was in the front passenger seat.

Devoe says, "I was concerned for my daughter. And I ran to the car and she wasn't in the car. I thought she was in the front seat... but the neighbor said they had her safely at their house, so I thank God for that."

Nearby residents heard the crash and were able to remove A'Myracle from the vehicle while firefighters aided the front seat passenger.

The tree fell onto the car in the 15900 block of Southeast 179th Street in Renton. The street borders the City of Seattle, and the tree that caused the fatal accident may have been on Seattle property, responders at the scene said.

Devoe wants to know if more could have been done to trim and cut trees in the area ahead of Monday's windstorm.

"If you've got dead trees or trees leaning across the street, cut it down before somebody gets killed," said Devoe.

He adds that A'Myracle's mother was taken away too soon for something he thinks could have been prevented.