WINSLOW (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- A Maine mother is asking all 50 states to help bring a smile to her stepson's face, who suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Kayla Collins took to her Instagram and Facebook pages Sunday night with a photo of 7-year-old Isaac, detailing his heartbreaking struggles.

"He has just been diagnosed, and we are trying to help him cope," she said. "He feels that he is not cared about (when he is VERY loved and cared for)."

Collins says Isaac, who is a twin, cares for his brother Isaiah and is always putting him first.

To show him just how many people are thinking of him, she's hoping to get postcards or pictures from all 50 states sent to both brothers, "even if it just says hi and how the weather is."

Isaac and his brother have gone through traumatic times over the last year. Their apartment building in Palmyra burned down in February, destroying all of their belongings. Two people died in the fire.

"He sleeps with fire trucks and police cars in/near his bed and is often up at 3-4 a.m., which is the time that they were up for the fire," she told NEWS CENTER Maine. "We are seeking help, but it's been a long road and it won't end soon. We want him to know that he isn't the only one that suffers from these things and that people that have never even met him are taking the time to do this for him."

Collins said Isaac was also the subject of excessive use of force from his kindergarten teacher at a St. Alban's school in 2016, where an investigation led to the resignation of the teacher.

Isaac loves to fish, the outdoors, and his brothers, Collins said.

If you'd like to send a postcard or picture to Isaac and Isaiah, they can be mailed to:

20 Garland Road

Winslow, Maine 04901

Collins said she's also accepting direct messages on Facebook if you'd like to send them here.