Warner Robins, Ga. -- On Tuesday, some members of the Moore family talked with WMAZ about the shooting death of their son and brother, Parker.

Parker was 23-years-old and killed Sunday in a shooting at Barberitos in Warner Robins. Warner Robins Police are still searching for his killer. One other person, a 21-year-old, was shot in the head and is recovering.

“Normally, a big brother would be like, 'Get away from me,' like pick fights and argue, but he wasn't like that. He was funny,” said 17-year-old Hannah Moore.

“He was a good big brother,” said Andy Moore.

Hannah and her father Andy say they want to remember the good things about Parker. They called the shooting that took him an act of pure hatred and disrespect.

But they said the family wants to focus on the person Parker was, and not what happened to him.

They say he had moved in with his mom and stepdad in Warner Robins last spring to get his feet back under him and get a fresh start.

Andy says he was doing well and was getting ready to move out again. In fact, Sunday, he had an interview for a new job and had gotten his car fixed, but then he got a call from Barberitos.

“[They] Asked him if he would come into work, so he wasn't even supposed to be there that day, but he said of course he'd come in and work,” Andy told WMAZ Tuesday.

And now they're left with memories.

Parker loved to play soccer and hike with his friends. He had a favorite band he tried to get his sister to listen to all the time, The xx. Hannah told us she had vinyl records from the band at home.

Andy said Parker loved his family, always made time for them, and gave him long hugs when they said goodbye. They even had nicknames for each other, Fajah and Sonjah.

The two become emotional when describing what they’ll miss.

“His smile, his laugh, the fact that he'll get so mad at a video game when something goes wrong,” Hannah told us with tears and laughter.

“I'll miss our father-son conversations because it was father-son talk,” Andy said.

They continued that they’ll miss seeing Parker grow up, get married, and at other family events.

Hannah cried as she explained how she’ll miss Parker at her own wedding and while raising her own kids.

Parker Moore and his dad, Andy

Hannah said she distinctly remembers having an hour long debate about if ‘water is wet’ with her brother and mom, when we asked what funny memories she has with Parker. She said he could go between being a fool and funny, to deep conversations with family members in a heartbeat.

The two also said they appreciate the messages of support that have come in from former customers and friends about Parker’s personality. They say it speaks to his character, his ability to never meet a stranger, and his dedication to doing a good job.

Andy also expressed appreciation for the efforts of law enforcement and said he has no doubt they’ll catch the person responsible.