Dozens in central Georgia have been hospitalized in the last two days from pill overdoses.

A release from the Department of Public Health says they’ve aware of a potentially lethal substance in street drugs throughout the region.

Overdoses have been reported in Centerville, Perry, Macon, and Warner Robins, but the drugs may also be sold in other parts of the state.

Patients reported purchasing yellow pills believed to be Percocet.

The substance in the pills has not yet been identified, but it’s requiring massive amounts of Narcan to counteract the effects.

First responders told the department that patients are being place on ventilators because they have stopped breathing and are unresponsive.

The DPH is working with the GBI and federal agencies on the investigation.


UPDATE (1:05 p.m.) Bibb County coroner Leon Jones has identified the two people who died due to pill overdoses.

He said Gregory Mitchell, age 52, of Macon died Tuesday morning. His autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Amirrah Gillens, age 36, died Sunday. Her autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday as well.


Two people have died in the last two days in Bibb County from pill overdoses, according to Bibb County coroner Leon Jones.

He said one death happened on Sunday, the second happened Tuesday morning.

Both deaths were blamed on a pill similar to the painkiller Percocet.

Jones said the sister of the man who died Tuesday also suffered an overdose, but survived.

The GBI is reportedly investigating. GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles reportedly told the Atlanta Journal-Constituion Tuesday morning that two people were dead and dozens hospitalized. When contacted by 13WMAZ, she declined comment.