VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.--A waitress at a Virginia Beach IHOP said a group of teenagers left an offensive note for her on a receipt Saturday morning.

The waitress said she's been working here for about about 5 years and not once has she gotten a note like this.

The note Rachel Mau showed 13News Now read "Build that wall Trump daddy."

"It really hurt my feelings and I was very upset at first," said Mau.

On another receipt, the tip line just said "Nah".

Mau said what was really surprising to her was the note was written by a group of high school kids, a group she had just served the night before.

Both times, she didn't think there were any issues with the service or how they treated her at the table.

"I just can't believe people are that bold to put something like that on a credit card receipt, especially since it didn't seem like anything was wrong. If they had a problem with something I was doing or how I looked, they could've asked for someone else," Mau told 13News Now.

Mau said she felt like the group was attacking her because they thought she was Mexican, and the people who wrote it were reiterating political messages they heard from a fiery political season.

Mau's actually of Asian descent and she said she's someone who doesn't get political but felt, this time she had to say something.

"I wish they wouldn't treat people that way," said Mau.