FLORIDA -- The same key that gets Henry Echevarria into to his home almost kept him and wife Lisa, from boarding Carnival cruise ship Liberty last Sunday.

"He pulls out my key and says 'Oh, here's the problem," said Henry Echevarria.

Security at Port Canaveral told Echevarria he could not board with his gun-shaped house key because it was a prohibited item.

"It's my house key and he said 'Well, you can't take it on," said Echevarria.

Henry and Lisa both work in law enforcement, so they know about security measures..

"First of all, you can't even get your finger in the hole If it was a gun and you can barely get a finger around the grip," Echevarria said. "They say I can't have it. I can't get on the boat. I either need to get rid of it take it back or not cruise."

He let Carnival put the key in a safe so he could get it back when they returned, but Echevarria says it raises some security concerns of his own.

"They have my address, they have my key, all they need to do is make a replica and next thing you know they could be at my house," said Echevarria.

In a statement Carnival told 10News its Prohibited Items Policy does prohibit "all firearms including replicas, imitations and their components."

However, a house key shaped like a firearm is not what is meant by the term 'replica.'

"It's embarrassing because you're sitting there and everyone is looking at you like you did something wrong," said Echevarria.

Echevarria and Carnival agree the whole headache should not have happened, especially when a vacation is supposed to be stress-free.

"It was upsetting; it was comical because it's like, really, what am I going to do with that? You know they give you steak knives on the cruise," said Echevarria.

Carnival says it is contacting the security company it contracts with to make sure the policy is understood so the mistake doesn't happen again.