GREENSBORO, N.C. — “We’re all just adapting really, go from one place, being around your friends and then just have to come home, and spend the rest of your time here and take all your classes is just a weird feeling," said Bryce Wagoner, who is an NC State student from Greensboro. 

Online classes are the new normal for students like Wagoner. 

“Face to face has been canceled for the rest of the semester, no laboratories, no anything," said Wagoner.

Wagoner is a turfgrass science major. 

“I want to work as a superintendent on a golf course, try to work my way up," said Wagoner.

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In the summertime, he works for Sedgefield County Club on the grounds crew, but now that he's back sooner than expected, he said he's going to try to work while taking his classes. 

”I’m hopeful that I can get out there as soon as I can," said Wagoner.

In the meantime, he's enjoying playing baseball with his little brother, Jake, in the yard. 

Wagoner has a message for students who are just like him, learning from home. 

”Just keep focus, said Wagoner. "I know it's going to be weird trying to take your classes online and adapt to staying home rather than being on campus, but as long as you keep your path clear, you're in good shape.”