GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Crafting a cup of coffee is more than a morning ritual for Camden Myers.

"Serving coffee has taught Cam to believe in himself," explained Latasha Lewis, Cam's mom.

Cam has a traumatic brain injury and his mom always worried he wouldn't be able to find work with his disability. It's why she and her son opened a coffee shop, Cam's Coffee Creations, employing adults with disabilities.

"We provide job skills training, we provide life skills training," Lewis said. "And the hope is that you either stay on with us or you use the skills that you gain from us to go on and find gainful employment."

Now the state legislature is looking to follow Cam's lead.

A new bill would establish a position in the Department of Health and Human Services for a Director of Education and Employment. The position would be specifically focused on helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Under the bill, the director would come up with strategies to "increase employer awareness and incentives" for hiring people with disabilities.

According to the Department of Labor, just 20 percent of adults with disabilities have jobs.

"People with varying ability levels have some of the same hopes and dreams you and I do," Lewis said. "They just need some extra support to be able to reach those dreams."

Now, with lawmakers taking action, the glass looks half full for Lewis and her son.

"The key is going to be the implementation to make sure that they are creating the opportunities that are needed," Lewis said.

Right now the bill is working its way through the House. If it passes, the new position could be created as soon as July.