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Nope. Cam Newton offers big money for airplane seat that had more leg room and was turned down

Cam Newton offered an airline passenger $1500 in hopes of more leg room on an overseas flight.
Cam Newton looks on from the sideline.

PARIS, France — It isn't often you see a professional athlete fly on a commercial flight, overseas nonetheless, but that was the situation for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton was leaving Paris after Men's Fashion week with a seat assigned in coach, and the 6-foot-5, 250-pound quarterback was hoping to find a more comfortable seat with a little more leg room.

To help resolve the issue, Newton offered a passenger in first class to swap seats for $1,500 in cash but he was denied!

Newton, then a little dejected, knowing what the next 10 hours had in store for him, walked back to his "crammed" window seat.

Eli Edwards, caught the moment and posted it to her Twitter which you can watch here.

Stretch those legs out, Cam! The Panthers will need you for Training Camp coming up near the end of July.