WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — We've all seen the online tutorials with headlines like, "The Life-Changing Folding Hack You Can't Miss," or, "A Messy Pantry Leads To Chaos," but how many times do those articles actually give you information you can use? Better yet, how many of them link you with a local expert who will help you make those online Pinterest dreams a reality? 

This one does and you're welcome. 

Katie Buchanan of Neat Method Winston-Salem will come into your house, take everything out, categorize it and create a space that's easy to maintain. Her method may have some scientific proof behind it. According to a study by Indiana State University, people with clean houses are healthier than people with messy houses. A study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, says women who have messy houses are more like to feel depressed.

Buchanan stopped by the Good Morning Show to share her top tips with WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner.


Ah, yes, your closet. Sure, it started out neat and tidy but overtime you've shopped, tried on and tossed those clothes back in without any regard to organization. Buchanan says to start by buying new hangers that are all the same. Then, hang all of your clothes in one direction - preferably the way you enter your closet. Finally organize your clothes by type (dresses, shirts, pants) and then color.


Folding neatly is a way of life for some people but for others, you simply toss things in your dresser expecting it to lay nicely on it's own (you know who you are). Buchanan suggests "file folding," and using drawer organizers to achieve the perfect look.


Okay, parents, you know how messy the children's areas can get in your house. From playrooms to craft areas, their stuff seems to grow. Buchanan says the Neat Method way to clean these places involves clear, plastic containers. If you're kids can see what toys are inside a bin, they're more likely to play with the toys and they're less likely to open up every box trying to find their favorite Barbie or Hot Wheels. And if you're the type of parent who keeps every piece of artwork or homework your kid brings home, Buchanan has a great hack. Artkive will send you a box, you can send your papers back to them and they'll create a book of their masterpieces. 


When you're trying to make dinner, pack lunches and get everyone out of the door with breakfast, you're kitchen is bound to get messy. Buchanan says you can streamline meal time by organizing the pantry: sort foods based on meal. Have a basket solely for breakfast items, that way you can grab what you need without having to search. Also, unwrap snacks and put them in a clear organizer (Pro Tip: try out a Lazy Susan to make grabbing on the go even faster!). 

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To find out more of Buchanan's tips and tricks head to her website. Or follow her on social media.